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Introducing the South West Sapphire Athletics League 2024 - Kindly Sponsored by HHP Ltd


If you are considering or have already entered any of the “nominated” SW Open meetings series, you can now enter the Sapphire league with a chance to win a trophy and/or cash prize for accumulated performances. 

The SW Sapphire Athletics League 2024

How it works....

As well as entering the Open meeting from the nominated list, you can enter the league which will work with a scoring system similar to the Diamond League. At the end of the season the person with the highest score in each of the nominated events will be declared the region’s Sapphire League Champion. Categories this year include u17s, Seniors and new for 2024, Masters (over 35s). Further details below.

The cost to enter the Sapphire League is a one off fee for the whole year, of £10 for one discipline (e.g. 100m), £15 for two (e.g. 100m & LJ) or £20 for three (e.g. 100m, LJ & Jav).

You must have an official entry into the open meeting confirmed BEFORE you enter the Sapphire League. Links on list below where available

Entry fees for individual Open Meetings are separate and paid at time of entry to the organising club.

APPLY TO JOIN THE SAPPHIRE LEAGUE NOW - SW Sapphire League 2024 Entry Form

Sapphire League – Competition structure for SW Open meeting athletes.

Many of the larger SW regional clubs hold Open meeting athletics events to provide competition exposure to athletes across the region. These meetings are often held at a high standard and usually licenced by UKA at level 1 and occasionally level 2.

The Sapphire League is a points-based league system (similar to the Diamond League) that athletes can elect to register for specific events held at nominated Open Meetings, defined as the South West Open Series. This is in addition to entering the event with the host club, so an athlete must enter first in the usual way then elect to register your performance before the event takes place using the Jotform Link. All SW regional athletics clubs will be asked to promote the Sapphire League entry form link widely on social media to give maximum coverage across the region.

For 2024 the confirmed “Open Series” events are;

1. Bournemouth Open 24th March 2024
2. Yeovil Open 30th March 2024
3. Yeovil Open 1st April 2024
4. Poole John Gregory Memorial Open 6th April 2024
5. Yate Jumps and Throws 7th April 2024
6. Newquay and Par Clive Marsh Spring Open 13th April 2024
7. Yate Sprints and Hurdles 14th April 2024
8. Exeter Ken Trickey Open 21stApril 2024
9. Exeter Devon Open 28th April 2024
10. Gloucester Brewer Memorial Games 6th May 2024
11. Plymouth Devon Open 26th May 2024
12. Yeovil Evening Open 30th May 2024
13. Yeovil Evening Open 27th June 2024
14. Gloucester - Midsummer Evening Open 3rd July 2024
15. Newquay and Par Duchy Open 7th July 2024
16. Gloucester - Midsummer Evening Open 10th July 2024
17. Gloucester - Midsummer Evening Open 17th July 2024
18. Gloucester - Midsummer Evening Open 24th July 2024
19. Yeovil Evening Open 25th July 2024
20. Newquay and Par Graded Open 17th August 2024
21. Yeovil Evening Open 29th Aug 2024
22. Yeovil Games 7th Sept 2024
23. Bournemouth Open 8th Sept 2024
Sapphire League scoring is from 8 points to 1 point for each of the nominated events. The nominated events for 2024 Season are:

In the Under 17 Age group; 3k, 800, 200, 100, LJ, HJ, Disc, Shot, Javelin, Hammer
In the Senior Age Group; 3k, 800, 200, 100, LJ, HJ, Disc, Shot, Javelin, Hammer
Masters Athletes; 1500, 100, LJ, Shot (all Masters using the age group tables)

In competition, the first registered competitor would get 8 points allocated, 8 for the winner down to zero. The points would be accumulated throughout the SW Open Series with the athlete with the highest overall point score at the end of the series becoming the League Champion and winning a Trophy or Prize.

More events may be added throughout the season and not all disciplines will be available in all open meetings. To be eligible for a prize or trophy, athletes must compete in at least 3 open meetings.

For your performance to be eligible for the Sapphire League Rankings you must enter prior to the day of your first event. 

Full Terms of Entry and Sapphire League Rules


2023  Season FINAL RESULTS


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