March 2014 - cross country athletes perform well at the National Schools Championships

Here are the results from the English schools xc champs on Saturday. The junior girls team for Somerset came 2nd overall against all the counties and won the category C (small counties category) and the senior girls’ team won category C too. The senior boys were 2nd, inter boys 3rd, junior boys 5th and inter girls 7th in that category.
Congratulations to all our athletes . YOAC athletes came as follows: Bradley Seager 149, ( fell over, got spiked and still carried on!) James Bridge 320, Phillip Bridge 155, Lilly Hawkins 155 (they train together can’t you tell?), Caitlin Carnegie 80 ( amazing considering she has only been training with us for a short time!), Sam Sommerville28th, Charlotte Baker 100 (Dorset), Amy D’Arcy 244. Considering there were at least 320 in each race these results are amazing.
Also Wells athletes did amazingly well too : Lucy Baldwin 178, Isobel Glashier 10th (bottom of age!), Emily Smith 18th, Rebecca Carver 118, Josh Thorne 209, Luke Prior 63, Olly Fox 13th (bottom of age), Matt Dickenson 44 and Charlie Martin 208.
We wish them all well in the forthcoming track season and hope to see a few of them in the team for the National track final in Birmingham again.